Welcome to this new beginning

Dear Friends,

SESTAA is a not-for-profit community organisation incorporated in Australia. It is not affiliated to any religious or political organisations.

SESTAA was formed by a few like-minded individuals with the intention to:

  • help/ assist the disabled and the socially disadvantaged
    • in accessing opportunities
    • in becoming independent
    • in becoming equal members of society;
  • facilitate in training of carers and other significant individuals; and
  • raise public awareness of the needs and rights of the above group of individuals.

How will SESTAA achieve its objectives?

We aim to achieve the above objectives by:

  • establishing of networks and partnerships with similar organizations for transfer of knowledge, experience and resources;
  • providing financial support to projects (on-going/ new); and
  • providing technical/ financial support for training and awareness

Why do we do this?

Members of SESTAA believe that we can develop a fair world where the disabled and the disadvantaged in any community will have the ability to exercise their basic rights of equality and opportunity. We are guided by these values:

  • to develop a fair world;
  • belief in equal rights and opportunities; and
  • independence of the individual.

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Please join us and make this dream come true!

With regards,

Executive Team

SESTAA, Melbourne (Australia)