Provision for Carers

2015-2021: Engagement of carers

Shishu Greh is a home for abandoned orphan children in Guwahati between zero and six years of age. The number of disabled children abandoned by parents has significantly increased in recent years and to cater to this extra need, SESTAA provides for the salary of one qualified auxilliary nurse to take care of the disabled children. Shishu Greh has engaged a speech therapist and physiotherapist to provide speech and physiotherapy to these children through other sources of funding.

The support extended to Prerona, Jorhat was modified to support the engagement of professionals to provide direct support to the disabled. Funding was given to engage professionals to enhance the quality of services provided by Prerona to the disabled children in the school and from the neighbouring community in the area. The project involved the engagement of one psychologist and one speech therapist in Prerona, and for the engagement of two field workers in the Cinnamara area for providing door-to-door services. The main aim was to fill-in the gaps in service relating to specialist help, therapy, home management and strategies to improve physical, mental and psycho-social rehabilitation.

Activities done by staff for the special needs children:

  1. Feeding children on time as per their diet list
  2. Maintaining cleanliness by cleaning and bathing them
  3. Assist therapist during therapy sessions
  4. Co-operate with social worker during recreational periods

Activities carried out in Shihsu Greh for special need children are:

  1. Providing nutritious foods depending on their age group
  2. Providing speech therapy and physiotherapy by speech therapist and physiotherapist.
  3. Providing therapy and special education with the help of allied agency.
  4. Providing recreational activities

In 2017, we extended the support provided to Shishu Greh for another year.

2012-2013: Upgrading Prerona’s training facility

Financial support was provided to Prerona for refurbishment of a training cum conference centre with teleconferencing through Direct Reception Systems facilities between 2012 and 2013. The Rehabilitation Council of India provided the satellite link, while SESTAA funded equipping the training room with a 32’’ colour TV and furniture. This facility will serve as a training centre for Jorhat and its surrounding areas in upper Assam with live and recorded programs daily from Delhi (Navshikar channel) from Monday to Friday. The centre is also used for parent meetings, training programs and other group activities.

2009-2010: Funds given to Ashadeep to train carers

Between 2009 and 2010, SESTAA provided financial assistance for printing of training materials for staff and carers of mentally challenged children/individuals to Ashadeep, Guwahati. Ashadeep works in the areas of rehabilitating homeless women/men suffering from mental disorders and in caring for children with developmental disabilities.